• Dan Fitzgibbons, Businessman and Community Leader

  • Posted on August 25, 2017
  • Of course, more than anything, Dan Fitzgibbons is highly regarded for his position as the Data Protection Business Manager for the Minneapolis, Minnesota office of EMC Corporation, a prominent international tech company. There is a lot more to his life than business, however. For Dan Fitzgibbons, Minneapolis is now his home and he loves to give back to his community every chance he gets. In Minneapolis he is married to the love of his life and he raises two children.

    Dan Fitzgibbons loves the Twin Cities region so much, he tries to give back every chance he gets, which means he uses his business clout to make a difference with many community charities. For example, he likes to nurture his partnership with Dress for Success Twin Cities, which works to promote the economic independence of women by ensuring they can dress properly for a good job interview. He also works with Allan Law’s 363 Days Food Program, a program that helps to distribute hundreds of thousands of sandwiches to the hungry and homeless annually.

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